The main focus in therapy is to understand how you relate to yourself. While this may sound simple or obvious, the truth is that many people are much more aware of how they relate to others than of the subtle or not so subtle ways in which they relate to themselves.

The main reason why a person is relatively unaware of how he relates to himself is that many ways of experiencing himself have become automatic. From early childhood, each person incorporates and internalizes elements of how he experiences life and how others relate to him. Gradually, over years, these elements coalesce into patterned ways of experiencing himself in various spheres of life. Therapy can be extremely helpful in enlarging awareness of the negative and self-limiting attitudes and feelings toward himself.

How you relate to yourself is the foundation of how you live your life. By increasing your understanding of your life story and the very significant causes underlying your attitudes and feelings, you can gradually increase your compassion for yourself. Compassion is the key ingredient to becoming an effective ally of yourself and providing an emotionally solid homebase.

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